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Demler Hedge Advisory LLC

Demler Hedge Advisory LLC offers a wide range of consulting services to help corporate enterprises manage their metals price risks. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on hedging solutions to offset physical price exposures, advise on hedge administration and control, offer metals market intelligence, and provide customized hedge workshops and support.

Demler Hedge Advisory LLC

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Price risk management requires an understanding of the risks and opportunities in hedging and the types of hedges to offset physical exposures


Critically important to a hedging program is setting hedge goals, structuring a hedge committee, and building the proper controls and risk tools to administer and manage a hedge program

We provide insightful fundamental and technical analysis of the factors affecting metals prices

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To help support our clients, we offer specialized insight in today’s topical issues impacting prices and a hedge program as well as provide customized client specific support and in-house workshops and training

Fred Demler’s career in the Commodities Business spans 40+ years. He was the Global Head of Metals at INTL FC Stone and MF Global/Man Group/ED&F Man. At MF Global, he was also the Global Head of Commodities. Previously, he was an analyst at Exxon and Drexel Burnham before transitioning to Sales, Marketing, and later Management at Paine Webber. He has lectured at several universities including Penn State, NYU, and Cornell. Throughout his career, Mr. Demler has advised Hedgers and Traders in Managing Commodity Price Risks.

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